Specialist Solutions

The energy, mining and marine industry’s travel requirements differ vastly from those of traditional businesses. Because we understand this, we have worked in partnership with our clients to research, design and implement a unique platform to satisfy these specialised requirements, taking into account the specific nuances of travelling within the African continent.

Our platform provides a seamless, consistent 24/7/365 service offering to our clients across the globe and the platform enjoys the support of senior energy, mining and marine experts worldwide.

Our platform is unique in its design, content and ability to meet the requirements of energy, mining and marine travel. For instance, traditional servicing provides airport-to-airport travel during official business hours. Our platform services our clients from their homes to the rigs and back, any time of the day and any day of the year.

Our workforce management tools allow us to pre-book crew rotations up to a year in advance and provide full schedules to our travel arrangers. This translates directly into cost savings for our clients. The platform enables us to reserve helicopters, charters, staff houses, campsite accommodation, airport protocol services and non-GDS accommodation (bed and breakfast establishments). We can also provide manifests and itineraries for all travel bookings.

We meet duty of care requirements by constantly tracking our travellers across the globe and providing standardised travel reporting to our clients throughout Africa.

We can furthermore track and measure every travel request in our hub to ensure that we meet our service level agreements.

Online booking tools, SAP integration and online travel requisition tools are standard components of our platform.

Our international network allows us easy access to global fare content. We are also well placed to offer energy, mining and marine (oil and gas) industry-specific fares.

Best Pricing

Our World Class technology searches for the lowest available fare, comparing Touvest vs Client vs Web deals on one screen

Travel Policy

No missed savings – On screen flags and prompts assist in eliminating wasteful expenditure. Any and all missed savings are clearly visible and captured


Approval workflow – backed by the most powerful rules engine to control budgets and allows for instant access via SMS and Email

Client Vendor

Programme with the lowest service fees. Compliance to procurement and sourcing contracts. Self-service and travel request forms ensure the lowest fees.