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From mobile booking and around-the-clock support to VIP services and safety programs, our Business Travel Solutions deliver better business trips and higher traveller satisfaction while boosting compliance with corporate travel policies

  • Our World Class technology searches for the lowest available fare, comparing Touvest vs Client vs Web deals on one screen
  • No missed savings – On screen flags and prompts assist in eliminating wasteful expenditure. Any and all missed savings are clearly visible and captured.
  • Approval workflow – backed by the most powerful rules engine to control budgets and allows for instant access via SMS and Email.
  • Programme with the lowest service fees. Compliance to procurement and sourcing contracts. Self-service and travel request forms.
  • Multiple payment options with dynamic, online and custom reporting. SARS certified and electronic card matching. Robotic ticketing 24/7 coupled with E-Vouchers, E-Itinerary and automated invoicing with 60 seconds.
  • Avoid duplication and manual data capturing with our intelligent integration. From Card Matching and SAP Interfacing, we have the expertise and experience to integrate with your system

The Service Excellence Centre (SEC) is the central point where service issues from across the organisation are dealt with. The SEC continuously collects and actions client feedback, and conducts regular client surveys.

  • Reduced learning curve/training time for new employees
  • Business continuity
  • Standardised processes
  • Ensuring that our clients get the best possible experience with us

The SOP allows for continuous process improvement thus raising the bar in order to meet our objective of service being our core industry differentiator.

  • Booking Accuracy
  • Profile preference management
  • Best fare / rate check

From queries and advice, to changes to existing reservations, voucher request and new domestic or international reservations, the emergency call centre can lend a helping hand.  The service is not outsourced, but is staffed by American Express Global Business Travel South Africa consultants.

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